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"The Quotidian" is an exhibit that juxtaposes the simplicity of the day-to-day against the complex nature of human existence. From a mundane pair of heels - worn day in, day out - to ephemeral emotions that challenge us all at some point, these artworks reveal the beauty and struggle of everyday life. This collection, created by seven local artists, invites the viewer to pause on their walk down West Broadway and reflect on the richness of their own experiences. 

Curated by Sofiya Kuzmina and Stefania Sales Bruins 

Artists: Benjamin Staker, Bethany Lentini, Guillermo Serrano Amat, Naomi Katz, Seth Cosford, Sofiya Kuzmina, Stefania Salles Bruins

60 Hudson St, New York, NY 10013  March 4 - 31

For purchase inquiries, please email or reach out to the artists directly through their website or Instagram.

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