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"City Light" & "Star Light"

Acrylic, polyurethane foam, Christmas lights, on canvas

"Rooting Youth"

Watercolor on paper





These pieces are the project I have been working on as a part of ICA's Young Artists Initiative program spring 2017 semester, in which various futuristic concepts and approaches were explored. Along with the theoretic part, through the semester each student was working on pieces based on their own interpretation of futurism.


In my installation, I combined two assignments: a future self-portrait and a diptych that suggests a future space.


I have painted myself as an old person, leaving only my eyes and mouth the way they are in the present, in order to let the contrast between young and old express my willingness to maintain young and loud voice and vision independently of my physical age.


The surrounding pieces are my tribute to retro-futurism and the ideas of broadening our horizons through space, that seemed to be close in the era of old science fiction and are more unrealistic now than they have ever been since space exploration requires the cooperation we lack nowadays. I wanted to show how we can find peace in a familiar pattern outside of our comfort zone by creating the pieces using the same materials in opposite situations.

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